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Immersion In The Balkans Tour

Immersion In The Balkans Tour Packages
Albania is undoubtedly the most unknown jewel of the Adriatic. Today's visitors are pioneers because tourism is still relatively confidential. Located on strategic routes connecting the West and the East, Albania has been since ancient . .
Country: Kosovo
City: Pristina
Duration: 12 Day(s) - 11 Night(s)
Tour Category: Classic Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Albania is undoubtedly the most unknown jewel of the Adriatic. Today's visitors are pioneers because tourism is still relatively confidential. Located on strategic routes connecting the West and the East, Albania has been since ancient times the heart of the greed of the great Mediterranean powers who have left their mark.

Located between the West and the East, very close to the Mediterranean, on the remains of the Antiquity of the first Christian kingdoms and the great Ottoman period, North Macedonia represents a country where the cultural heritage is incredibly dense and complex.

Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, this landlocked country is one of the hidden jewels of the region. Visitors, however, have a lot to discover in Kosovo. Indeed, its rolling hills, lush forests, charming old towns, and many local traditions represent the beauty of Kosovo.

Day 1. Tirana, Albania

Meet our guide on your arrival at Tirana International Airport and leave for the Albanian capital. Tirana is a city in constant evolution. Formerly dull and grey, the city has experienced an international boom post-communism, becoming a lively metropolis, colorful and very lively thanks to its unique atmosphere. Fascinating, Tirana represents both the past and the future of Albania.

Dinner and overnight in Tirana. Hotel Austria 4 *

Day 2. Tirana - Berat - Vlora, Albania

After breakfast, leave for Berat. One of the rare cities with an architectural style typical of the Ottoman period. Visit a city characterized by the coexistence of different religious and cultural communities over the centuries

Panoramic visit of Berat and rendezvous on the heights of the city to visit its fortress "Kala" built in the XIII century and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Visit the Onufri iconographic museum consisting of a collection of objects belonging to Albanian churches and monasteries whose paintings of the iconographer painters date from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Then leave for Tirana for your last night in Albania.

After the visit, head to the Albanian coast and join Vlora.

On the way meet in a family vineyard for a wine tasting in the cellar "Çobo Winery" and discover the wine heritage of Albania.

Arrive in Vlora and drop off your luggage at your hotel.

Dinner and overnight in Vlora. Hotel Bologna 4*

Day 3. Vlora - Dhermi - Saranda, Albania

After breakfast, you will drive to Dhermi. On the way make a stop at the Llogora National Pass and enjoy the sumptuous scenery between mountains and seas.

Arrive in Dhermi, a charming little seaside resort, and lunch by sea then join the beaches of Dhermi.

Embark on a boat to discover the wonders of the Adriatic Sea. You will discover the amazing Gjippe Canyon, the pirate’s caves, and the Pëllumbas caves.

Continue to the south of Albania and stop at Ali Pasha Castle. The famous governor of the region on behalf of the Ottoman Empire was often compared to Napoleon for his strategies and military alliances.

Join Saranda, the biggest seaside resort in Albania, located in front of the island of Corfu in Greece. Drop off your luggage at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight in Dhermi. Hotel Andon Lapa 3*

Day 4. Saranda - Butrint - Ksamil - Saranda, Albania

After breakfast, head towards Butrint and start the visit to an archaeological site of an ancient city built by the Trojans after the fall of Troy. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit this ancient city occupied by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians. This archaeological site presents ruins of the ancient civilizations of this historic city.

Join a restaurant, and mussel farmer on the shore of Lake Butrint for lunch in an amazing place.

On your way back, make a stop at Ksamil, a small seaside resort where you can relax on its beautiful beaches.

At the end of the day, enjoy a traditional dinner accompanied by Albanian dances and music in a castle on the heights of Saranda (subject to availability). Overnight in Saranda. Hotel Palma / Hotel Andon Lapa 3*

Day 5. Saranda - Gjirokastra - Permët, Albania

After breakfast, leave for Gjirokastra. Another rare example of a city with an architectural style typical of the Ottoman period.

On the road, make a stop at the source of water of the "blue eye" or (Syri I kaltër in Albanian) and re-energize yourself in this magnificent landscape of postcards (a visit which can be suppressed according to the season).

Arrive in Gjirokastra and have lunch. Start a sightseeing tour of the city and admire the architecture of a series of 17th-century "remarkable" two-story houses, a site that gives the impression of a thousand-window painting. Visit the Citadel of Gjirokastra overlooking the city. You will also visit the Skenduli house, a typical Ottoman house dating back to the 18th century.

Then leave in the direction of Permët. Examples of agrotourism in Albania for its ecological farms, its production of local products like rakia or honey, and its commitment to the environment.

At the end of the afternoon, you will head towards an agritourism farm and discover a cheese dairy located in a "Cheese Factory Bunker" bunker.

Dinner in the cheese factory taste the local products and appreciate its many varieties of cheeses, wines, and rakias. You will learn more about this family and its history during the meal. Overnight in Permët. Hotel Permeti 3 *

Day 6. Permët - Korça, Albania

After breakfast, head south for Korça. You will cross beautiful landscapes of plains and mountains through rural Albania.

Make a stop in the thermal baths of Permët or "Benja" known for their healing benefits. Also, admire the “Kadiut” stone bridge over the baths.

Continue your road and stop at a small ranch in the heart of the mountains for a traditional lunch.

Arrive in Korça in the afternoon. Also called "little Paris" because Korça is the center of the Francophonie in Albania but also for its coffee culture.

Guided tour of Korça to stroll through the alleys and discover its many monuments such as the country's largest Orthodox Cathedral "The Cathedral of Resurrection" or its old bazaar.

Dinner and overnight stay in Korça. Hotel Hani I Pazarit 4*

Day 7. Korça, Albania – Ohrid, Northern Macedonia

After breakfast, you will leave for Northern Macedonia and join the city of Ohrid.

Crossed the border and drove along the splendid Ohrid Lake.

On the way visit the Saint Naum Monastery. In the middle of lush greenery, the monastery of St. Naum. Built in the tenth century is a refuge of tranquillity on the border between Albania and Macedonia.

Photo stop at the Bay of Bones Museum, an authentic reconstruction of part of a colony dating from 1200 to 700 BC.

Take the road towards Ohrid, and have lunch in the center.

Start the sightseeing tour of Ohrid, the Cradle of Orthodoxy. A UNESCO World Heritage City and a sublime lakeside city, which for many represents the culmination of the Macedonian experience, a Kingdom of light and water, and a reference to the ancient ruins of the traditional kingdom of Macedonia.

Discover its historical heritage, well preserved as the church of Saint Jovan or its ancient theater dating from the Roman Empire.

Dinner and overnight in Ohrid. Nova Riviera Hotel 3*

Day 8. Ohrid - Tetovo - Skopje, Northern Macedonia

After breakfast, leave for the North of Macedonia, you will discover Mavrovo National Park and enjoy sumptuous landscapes such as Mavrovo Lake or the Radika Canyon.

Two possibilities for lunch (depending on the size of the group) Option 1: You will make a stop in the small village of Janche, in which a village resident has invested in the construction of houses using old-time materials, and lunch in the village restaurant. Option 2: Lunch at Saint Jovan Bigorski restaurant.

After lunch, visit the Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery located at the heights of the canyon, which represents one of the most beautiful monasteries of Macedonia.

Continue your road and stop in Tetovo to discover its 15th-century-painted mosque of Sarena Dzamija. Painted inside and out, it represents one of the most beautiful mosques in Macedonia.

Arrival at the Capital city of Northern Macedonia, Skopje. Dinner and overnight in Skopje. Premium Hotel 4*

Day 9. Skopje - Canyon Matka - Skopje, Northern Macedonia

After breakfast, join the Matka Canyon, a must in Macedonia.

Embark on a boat to discover the caves of Vrelo, which are considered among the deepest sea caves in the world.

Go back to Skopje and have lunch in the city center.

Start a sightseeing tour of an earthquake-ravaged city in 1963 that has completely rebuilt itself and offers a unique experience.

You will enjoy a separate city between two cultures and two different lifestyles between Albanian Macedonian and Macedonian.

Stroll through its new city center to discover its famous fortress "Tvrdina Kale" and its stone bridge "Kameni Most" that separates the city into two parts with the old Ottoman bazaar "Čaršija".

Dinner and overnight in Skopje. Hotel Bushi Resort & Spa 4*

Day 10. Skopje, Northern Macedonia – Prizren, Kosovo

After breakfast, you will take the road to Kosovo. You will be traveling across the splendid Sharr Mountains towards the city of Prizren, Kosovo's cultural and historical city. Surrounded by mountainous landscapes, discover the old Ottoman center of the city where the Lumbardhi River passes.

Its cobbled streets and its tea rooms located in the old bazaar give Prizren a unique Ottoman charm. Famous for its reputation of respecting all religions, you will visit three nearby religious precincts: The Mosque of Sinan Pasha, the St. George's Orthodox Cathedral, and the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Visit Prizren Albanian League, the first Albanian rights league established at the end of the 19th century.

Lunch at a traditional restaurant in Prizren.

Free time to get to the Prizren Fortress for a stunning view of the city. Opportunity to visit a handcraft manufactory of “Filigran”, traditional Albanian jewelry taking its origins in ancient Egypt.

Dinner and overnight stay in Prizren. Hotel Centrum 4*

Day 11. Prizren, Kosovo – Kruje, Albania

After breakfast, return to Albania. You will head to Albania's most famous restaurant "Mrizi I Zanave". Lost in the middle of a postcard landscape, you will enjoy lunch in an eco-friendly restaurant where all the products consumed come from the restaurant and local families located in the surrounding area.

After lunch, reach your last destination, the historic city of Albania – Kruje.

Start a sightseeing tour of one of Europe's oldest cities. Visit the city with its old bazaar and the medieval fortress of Skanderbeg. Compared to Alexander the Great, Skanderbeg was a true hero in the Balkans for being the first to unify the Albanians and resist the invasion of the Ottoman Empire.

Dinner and overnight in Kruje. Hotel Panorama 4*

Day 12. Tirana, Albania

Breakfast and free time until your transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Price Includes:

» Great tour bus transport during the circuit

» The French-speaking guide throughout the tour

» Overnight stays in hotels 3* & 4* (local standard subject to availability)

» Full board from day 1 to breakfast on day 12

» Entrances to monuments

» All the activities mentioned in the program

» Discover 3 Balkan countries - Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo

» Wine tasting at the Winery in Berat

» Boat trip from Dhermi

» The gala dinner with traditional dances and music in Saranda

» Cheese tasting and diner in a cheese factory in Permët

» Boat at Matka Canyon

» Lunch at one of Albania's best restaurants

Price Does Not Include:

» All additional expenses not mentioned in the program

» Drinks

» Tips

» Insurance

» The return flights

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