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The Balkan Peninsula is one of the last remaining strongholds that is still little known and explored by tourism. However, endowed with an undoubted historical, cultural, and gastronomic richness, this destination will undoubtedly become an . .
Country: Kosovo
City: Pristina
Duration: 12 Day(s) - 11 Night(s)
Tour Category: Hiking Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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The Balkan Peninsula is one of the last remaining strongholds that is still little known and explored by tourism. However, endowed with an undoubted historical, cultural, and gastronomic richness, this destination will undoubtedly become an unforgettable trip. Join us for a dive in an incredible circuit through the mountains of Kosovo.

Day 1. Pristina - Peja - Kuqishtë, Kosovo

Meet our guide upon your arrival at Pristina / Skopje airport

Then set off for Peja, Kosovo's third-largest city, and head to the Rugova Gorge to reach your mountain guesthouse in Kuqishtë. (Depending on the time of arrival, you will have the possibility to visit the Peja Monastery and the Drin Blanc waterfall)

Traditional dinner and overnight in Kuqishtë. Te Liqeni Hotel

Day 2. Hike: Kuqisthë, Kosovo – Babino Polje, Montenegro

After breakfast, briefing on the week then starts the hike.

Hike from Kuqishtë to Babino Polie through many springs and passages through the mountains.

You will appreciate the breaks at the edge of the glacial lakes "Liqeni I Kuqishtës" & "Liqeni i Drelajve".

In the middle of the afternoon, you will reach Montenegro and reach the village of Babino Polie on the border between Kosovo and Montenegro.

Arrive in your guest room in the middle of the afternoon.

Dinner and overnight at Babino Polje

Length: 19 kilometers

The difficulty of the hike: moderate

Duration of the tour: 8 hours

Cumulative elevation gain: 1,151 meters

Cumulative descent: 1,109 meters

Maximum altitude: 2,276 meters

Minimum altitude: 1,438 meters

Day 3. Hike : Babino Polje - Plav, Montenegro Junik , Kosovo

After breakfast, you will start the hike towards Plav. You will reach Lake Hrid which is one of the highest points of the day. Enjoy some free time to swim and relax by the lake.

Continue the hike then arrive at the sublime Lake Plav located 900 meters from sea level at the end of the day.

Free time to swim or relax by the lake.

Transfer by vehicle after free time to Junik, a valley located in the heart of the mountains.

Drop off your luggage in your charming chalet and enjoy the scenery to rest. Dinner and overnight in Junik.

* Collect your suitcase when you arrive in your guest room.

Length: 20 kilometers

The difficulty of the hike: moderate

Duration of the course: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Cumulative ascent: 597 meters

Cumulative vertical drop: 1,123 meters

Maximum altitude: 2,046 meters

Minimum altitude: 1,002 meters

Day 4. Hike to Gjeravica, The Highest Peak in Kosovo, Kosovo

After breakfast, go on a wonderful hike to add to your list of trophies the achievement of reaching the highest peak in Kosovo.

You will start in the town of Junik, where you will be picked up with a 4 × 4 vehicle that will take you to accommodation in Gropa e Erenikut

You will begin the ascent to the summit, passing through vast meadows and glacial lakes. Most of the trail climbs slowly except for two spots. The one to get to the lakes and the second more difficult climb is to get to the top itself. The hike is really accessible for any hiker. Dinner and overnight in Junik.

Length: 28 kilometers

The difficulty of the hike: moderate

Duration of the tour: 8 hours

Cumulative ascent: 1,022 meters

Cumulative vertical drop: 1,022 meters

Maximum altitude: 2,665 meters

Minimum altitude: 1,438 meters

Day 5. Hike to Junik Canyon, Kosovo

After breakfast, meet your English-speaking guide and then set off to explore Junik Canyon hidden in the Cursed Mountains, a magical place that was only discovered in 2007! Start your hike through a beautiful pine forest. Reach a relatively difficult path that takes you to an incredible spot within the canyon itself.

Spend the rest of the day through this wild and narrow canyon. Enjoy your lunch in a beautiful location. If we still have a little time and energy, we will head to a place that is very difficult to access, for a memorable swim with Junik's blue eye!

Dinner and overnight in Junik.

Day 6. Junik – Mirusha Watefalls – Velika Hoca - Prizren, Kosovo

After breakfast, set off towards the Mirusha waterfalls. On the way, make a short stop at Lake Radoniqi which is the second largest lake in Kosovo, located fourteen kilometers from Gjakova. It provides Gjakova and Rahovec with drinking water and is not suitable for swimming, although in summer visitors come to settle on its banks and enjoy its freshness.

Start a hike of about two hours to reach the Mirusha Waterfalls Located on the main road between Pristina and Gjakova, the Mirusha Waterfalls are a spectacular natural attraction. Winding through the cliffs, the Mirusha River, a tributary of the Drini I Bardhë, creates a chain of 13 waterfalls that flow into the calm river basins, ideal for swimming.

The highest fall reaches 22 meters in height. Depart for your lunch in Velika Hoca, a quaint Serbian village perfect for wine tasting. Dinner and overnight in Prizren. Centrum 4 Hotel

Day 7. Prizren, Kosovo

After breakfast, a guided tour of Prizren, the cultural and historical capital of Kosovo. Surrounded by mountainous landscapes, discover the old Ottoman center of the city where the Lumbardhi river passes.

Its cobbled streets and tea rooms in the old bazaar give Prizren a unique Ottoman charm. You will visit three nearby religious enclosures: the Sinan Pasha Mosque, the Saint George Orthodox Cathedral, and the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Also visit the Albanian League of Prizren, the first league for the defense of Albanian rights established at the end of the 19th century. Lunch in a traditional restaurant in Prizren. Free time to drive to Prizren Fortress for a breathtaking view of the city. Opportunity to visit the manufacture of filigree, traditional Albanian jewelry that has its origins in ancient Egypt. Dinner and overnight in Prizren. Centrum 4 Hotel

Day 8. Hike to Jazhinca Lake, Kosovo

After breakfast, start a hike from Prevalla to reach Lake Zahinca. It is a hike that offers an incredible view of the region. You will be surrounded by the magnificent Sharr mountain range. Stretches of snow cover the pine forests and green meadows of the Sharr Mountains and the peaks keep their blanket white even in the summer period.

This mountain range stretches from southern Kosovo to northern Macedonia, offering awe-inspiring views from high peaks and Ice Age lakes. This national park offers an ideal setting for hiking, skiing, and biking. This trail is beautiful in all seasons, especially in early summer.

Dinner and overnight in the Sharr Mountains.

Day 9. Hike to Livadh Lake, Kosovo

After breakfast, start a hike from Brezovica, the ski resort of Kosovo to Lake Livadh This is a full day hike, moderate level. The distance to all trails is approximately 21.1 km (with option).

First, you start the hike through a marked trail that leads you to the very beautiful Lake Livadh which is a glacial lake located in the Sharr Mountains at an altitude of 2,173 meters. There you can enjoy the view and for the more adventurous a swim in the lake. Dinner and overnight in the Sharr Mountains

Day 10. Letnica – Horse Riding – Novo Brdo, Kosovo

After breakfast, depart for the village of Letnica, Every year in the middle of August thousands of pilgrims flock to celebrate the feast of the Black Madonna in this small hidden village located in the mountains of Karadaku. The village, usually deserted, comes alive on this occasion. The Church housing the virgin is also known as the place where Gonxhe Bojaxhiu - passed down to posterity as Mother Teresa who heard the call of calling there!

Go horseback riding through the heart of the Gjilian water supply system. Punctuated by gourmet stops prepared with products from regional farms. You will discover the fauna and flora of the massif. You can also swim in the lake! Go to Novo Brdo Castle located on the heights of a plateau offering a splendid panoramic view of the region.

Dinner and overnight at Villa Kalaja

Day 11. Novo Brdo – Bear Sanctuary – Gracanica - Pristina, Kosovo

After breakfast, you will leave for the "Bear Sanctuary" or "Bear Sanctuary", a park in which many bears in captivity in private restaurants in Kosovo and Albania were released...

After lunch, travel to Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, the youngest country in Europe. Explore the political and economic capital of Kosovo where you will discover an architectural contrast never before seen in Europe and an ever-changing effervescent city. Dinner and overnight in Pristina.

Day 12. Pristina, Kosovo

After breakfast, free time at your hotel in Pristina until your transfer to the airport for your return flight.


* IMPORTANT: This trip is limited to 13 people, to benefit from local service and to make this tour as authentic as possible. Due to the deliberate choice of different activities, some modifications to this program may take place, beyond our control. In this case, the circuit will be adapted.

TOTAL DISTANCE FROM THE TREK: 151 Kilometers Over 12 Days

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