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Prizren, Kosovo

It is common to hear, in the narrow streets of Prizren, the melodious sound of the Turkish language, lingua franca in the former Ottoman center. Prizren was once the largest and wealthiest city in Kosovo. The city has become an administrative center, at the crossroads of trade routes linking the hinterland to the coast, has known for centuries a continuous development. Located deep in the Sharri Mountains and Pashtriku, Prizren is surrounded by majestic landscapes and fertile arable land, whose inhabitants of the region have benefited greatly. The ski resort of Brezovica, near the Macedonian border, is the most developed in the country. Prevallë, a village in the Sharr mountains, is another popular place for skiing and hiking. A little further inland, Dragash offers vast plains dotted with wild flowers. Across the Drini i Bardhë river, further inland from Has region, a festival Annual folklore show has been held since 1976 and allows visitors to discover regional traditions. Further north, the Rahovec's rolling hills are covered with rich vineyards producing several varieties of wine. Prizren is unequivocally the city in Kosovo that offers the most appeal: its old Ottoman center, its spectacular mountain scenery, the cool breeze blowing from the Lumbardhi river and the cultural diversity make it a must-see. The locality initially developed around the fortress, which still sits on top of the hill overlooking the city. The fortress, from where you can see the whole city was ruled in turn by the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Serbs. During the Ottoman era, Prizren became the epicenter of craftsmanship with over a thousand stores organized as corporations. This tradition of craftsmanship has endured in the winding streets of the bazaar with, for example, the art of filigree, a goldsmith's technique that uses gold or silver threads to make different jewelry and objects.

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