Exploring Tourism in Kosovo
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Kosovo Popular Places to Visit

The Stone Bridge At Vushtrri

Since Antiquity until the end of the Middle Ages, Vushtrri  was an important commercial center but very few vestiges of this period have stood. The Bridge is probably the oldest in Kosovo. Exceptional case, the bridge is on dry ground since the bed of the Sitnica has moved to the west of the bridge over the years. The bridge is 135 meters


Mitrovica has long been a multi-ethnic and integrated city. Historically, the reserves of gold, silver, lead and zinc made Mitrovica an attractive region for the Romans, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Ottomans. The town of Mitrovica developed around the mining complex from Trepça. Trepça is mentioned for the first time as a mining site in 1303, when the region is part of

Bogorodica Ljeviška Church

Monument registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Church of the Virgin of Ljeviška (also known as Shën Premte Church in Albanian) is one of the most exceptional Orthodox churches in Kosovo. Seven different phases of construction were discovered, testifying to the age of the building, dating back to the Roman period. The current church has been built in

The Hammam Of Gazi Mehmet Pasha

Built in 1573 at the height of Ottoman rule, the Gazi Mehmet Pasha hammam has two separate parts, one for women and one for men. This bath Turkish only fully functioned until 1926 and was completely closed in 1944. Today, its large halls with stone walls host cultural activities.

The Prizren League Museum

The intellectuals and the upper class in Albania were bothered with about the sequels of the conflict between Russia Turkey and the expansion of Serbia. From these consequences, they have decided to create the League of Prizren, the goal is based on protecting Albanians citizens by defending their rights but also their territories.  

Gazivoda Lake

There is a fantastic view as well asrecreational activities at Gazivoda(Ujëmani) Lake. The largest lake in Kosovo is not only ZubinPotok’s main attraction, but also an indispensable water source for north and central Kosovo. Small beaches and plenty of paths for strolling are spread all around the 24 kilometers long lake.

Mirusha Waterfall

The waterfalls of Mirusha are situated between Pristina the capital city and Gjakova. You will be able to discover 13 different waterfalls in the row during a small hike of 30 minutes !   


Gjakova's bazaar is made up of a row of small stalls with wooden shutters where you can still buy handicrafts. The Çarshia e Madhe or the Grand Bazaar was the heart of the commercial city since the 16th century. Burned down completely in 1999, it was rebuilt identically

Leqinat Lake

The glacial lake of Leqinat is surrounded by steep cliffs and pine trees. The limpid and clear water contributes to the beauty of the village de Kuqishtë located in the Rugova region and invites swimming during hot summers.

Visoki Decani Monastery

Built between 1327 and 1335, Visoki Decani Monastery is an imposing church built at the foot of Mount Gjeravica. Don of King Stefan Uroš III, the monastery was built by the famous Fra Vita, a Franciscan monk from Kotor and decorated with frescoes made by a group of Greek artists. Stefan Uroš, who is also known as Stefan Decanski, Saint